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User Manual

We provided a user manual below for your convenience.

Bradley Timepiece User Manual 

Product Specifications

  1. Bradley Classic Mesh

Dimensions: 40mm (diameter) / 11.5mm (thickness)
Case Material: Titanium
Fitting: Wrist size 6 ½ inches - 8 ¼ inches / 20mm width
Wristband material: stainless steel mesh

Battery: Renata 371 button cell watch battery

Weight: 84 grams/2.95 oz 

  1. Bradley Classic Canvas

Dimensions: 40mm (diameter) / 11.5mm (thickness)
Case Material: Titanium
Fitting: Wrist size 6 ½ inches - 8 ¼ inches / 20mm width
Wristband material: fabric/leather

Battery: Renata 371 button cell watch battery

Weight: 43 grams/1.50 oz

Adjusting Time

Here are the steps to get your Bradley started. First check the knob to see if there is a white plastic stopper attached to it. If there is one, remove the plastic stopper from the knob (make sure there are no plastic pieces left behind). Sometimes a part of the white plastic stopper gets stuck in the gap between the crown and the watch body, so please check it carefully if this is the case. Second, set your time by turning the knob. Lastly, push the knob until you feel a click. From that moment your Bradley will start working. To set adjust time again, pull the knob on the side until you feel a click. Turn the knob clockwise to set your desired time. Once you have finished, push the knob back in until you feel a click. 

Adjusting the Straps

Please refer to the picture above

Lift: place a small tool (flathead screwdriver or adjustment tool) in the slot on the clasp. Lift the bar in the direction facing away from the straight pin (place the tool so the handle is in the direction of the case of the watch). Leveraging the tool against the straight pin may result in the straight pin bending.

Shift: the adjustment buckle to the desired position (make sure the clasp is set in one of the indentations on the back of the band).

Press: press the slotted clasp closed, not using the straight pin as leverage to protect against bending

Please refer to the picture above

Hook - Snap - Clasp: pull the Hook over the pin, Snap the flat clasp closed, then close the security Clasp.

Installing Your New Wristband

Please refer to the picture above and follow the steps

  1. Place the springbar tool on the springbar.
  2. Press down on the spring bar tool and pull it slightly inwards towards the center of the strap. This will eventually loosen and detach the spring bar from the strap.
  3. Take out the springbar and place the springbar on the side. Follow the same step to remove the strap on the opposite side of the watch.
  4. After you have taken out all the straps, take the new straps and place it in between the notches to insert the spring bar. 

Water Resistant

The Bradley will easily withstand splashes or brief immersion in water, like getting caught in the rain or washing hands. However, it is not waterproof. Therefore activities such as swimming, water sports, bathing may cause damage. We recommend not to wear your Bradley while doing any sorts of aggressive sports activities.


To clean your Bradley, use a clean dry cloth to wipe out the debris on the watch surface. Remember that the titanium body is not scratch resistant so do not rub it with a rough material.


Bradley timepiece uses a Renata 371 button cell watch battery that lasts for about 2 years. To change your battery, you can take it to a local watch store and ask them to change the battery for you.

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